Highlights of the Feb 2009 Planning Meeting

A big thank you to all who attended! Thanks to Tiffany for taking notes:

Community Service: Carolyn suggested a blood drive in April in remembrance of April 16, 2007. Jessica will spearhead and make contact at USC and the Red Cross.


Scholarship Application Process: The Columbia Hokie $1000 scholarship application must be VT by March 21st. After we are sent the list of area students, Amy, Shaun, and Ashley will make students, parents and schools aware of its availability.

Scholarship Fundraising: Need a committee for fundraising—separate from the scholarship application committee. As you think of fundraising ideas, please email them to Christine.

Annual VT Speaker Program: Charlie will work with the VT liaison to bring down Dr. John Boyer to speak on wine on May 29, 2009.

Reaching our Alumni: No dues ever to join Alumni group, Carolyn created Twitter account for ColumbiaHokies.com, links to other SC alumni chapters and LinkedIN for Columbia Hokies suggested. Word of mouth and business card with website printed suggested. Welcome baskets or something for new graduates or new to Columbia discussed but tabled.

Social Events: Oyster roast, Pot Lucks, Student Send offs, Welcome Home parties, book clubs, job networking, wine tasting, beer tasting, Game watching, frankie fun park, bowling, pottery painting, zoo behind the scenes, Chuckie Cheese, Blocktales. Get the word out to other ACC alumni chapters and meet their groups to watch games (ACC Tournament). Live coverage at the tailgates. Spring Game 4/25. Tailgate with Bruce.

Amy suggested BB game watching event soon and to watch our progress in next few weeks

Will be meeting with individual committees either live or through email as warranted.

Would love to have more folks join us for our next pot-luck planning. Go Hokies!

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