Community Service

Adopt-A-Street, Saturday, May 15

Join us for

Adopt-A-Street Litter Pick-Up
Hampton Street, Columbia, SC
from the bridge to Assembly Street

Saturday, May 15, 2010
9 – 11 AM


The Columbia Chapter would like to invite all Hokies to participate Saturday, May 15th for a chance to give back to the Columbia community! We will start off by meeting at Memorial Park (in the parking lot off Washington Street) to pick up our blaze orange vests and heavy-duty trash bags. Don’t forget to bring your own gloves, but we do have extras just in case.

We’ll pick up litter on Hampton Street in Columbia, SC, from the bridge to Assembly Street. To make this event fun, prizes like “trash most likely to bring a lot of money on eBay” and “I can’t believe you picked that up” will be given away. Also, if you would like to volunteer to bring coffee, water, doughnuts, etc., notify Heather at

This is our second community service event, and we need your help to make it a success. Contact Heather Mann at for more information and to RSVP by Monday, May 10th. Go Hokies!

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