2015 Scholarship Winner!

The Columbia Hokies are proud to announce the winner of our 2015 scholarship winner, which is given yearly to a rising Virginia Tech freshman from the Midlands.  This year’s winner is Joshua Stombler. Joshua graduated from Spring Valley High School this spring and plans to study business at VT.


Here is a brief note from Joshua, giving us a glimpse into what he has done in the past and how excited he is to formally join the Hokie Nation.

“My name is Joshua Stombler. I graduated from Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC. I played varsity tennis for four years at Spring Valley and 10 years collectively for fun. I am currently enrolled in University Studies at Virginia Tech, but I am looking forward to transferring into the Pamplin School of Business. For many years,

I volunteered with an organization called P.A.A.L.S. (Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services) where I trained service dogs to help those in need. The training I did with the dogs ultimately helped others to lead as normal a life as possible. I helped train the dogs in obedience, and basic commands such as, turning on and off lights, and warning their blind owner’s about traffic. Working with these dogs gave me great skills to be able to handle the real world. I now have a better understanding of being patient and have the skills I need for problem solving.

I also completed a one-year program with Youth Corps in Columbia. This is an organization that takes 30-40 high school students in the Columbia area and teaches them to be better leaders in their own lives and how to positively impact others. Youth Corps used several modules to guide us: Business, Culture, Philanthropy, Justice, Journalism, Legislation, Investment, and Career. My favorite module was Business, where we created and ran our own flower business for Valentine’s Day. Learning how to communicate with customers and learning how to persuade people to buy the flowers appealed to me the most.

I am a Hokie Legacy. My dad graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Business. I was born to be a Virginia Tech Hokie. I am looking forward to not only being a fan of Virginia Tech, but finally a student! I have always loved the school and have great respect for what the school stands for. Now I am glad to call Virginia Tech not only my school, but also my home! I am very excited to get involved with Virginia Tech and the community of Blacksburg.”

Joshua we wish you all the best and know that you will do a great job representing Columbia in the Virginia Tech community.

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